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My good friend Ezra Levant over at Sun News responded to my previous blog post on his show by denouncing not just me but the entire “Paul McLeod wing of the Media Party.” Here’s the video. On behalf of the wing, we are deeply hurt.

To be honest, I didn’t watch the whole thing and I’m not going to go spend too much time on this. But I did want to debunk one particularly egregious claim in Levant’s alleged outing of David Suzuki as an environymphomaniac.

Levant seizes on an email passage about arranging some students to meet Suzuki either “by having him step outside of the penthouse or enabling them to join the group in the sanctified air.” Here’s Ezra’s take on the “sheer grossness” of this at around the 10-minute mark of that video:

“Send these teenage girls, 17, 18, 19 years old, to Suzuki’s hotel room? At night? What dean would send teenage girls to a man’s hotel room at night?” …

“Isn’t it funny how both the Suzuki Foundation, and the college, didn’t deny that at all did they? They didn’t comment about the nighttime hotel room visit at all. They just said that I misinterpreted things. Really? What possible other interpretation can there be?

Yes, what possible other interpretation is there? Well, here’s one. It turns out the “penthouse” is the nickname for the top floor of John Abbott College’s new $45-million, five-story Science and Health Technologies Building. In fact the opening of the building, which is where the college trains nurses, ambulance technicians and pharmaceutical technicians, was timed to correspond to Suzuki’s visit.

Actually the building sounds pretty nice. Apparently the top floor has “an expansive view of Lac St. Louis and the college grounds.”

If you read the email that Ezra himself quotes, you can see there were two meetings with students – one in the morning and one in the evening. It even mentions how students were selected for the meetings. The criteria was not sexy, underage coeds. The criteria was science students.

Ta da! A meeting of science students and faculty in a school building becomes, in Ezra’s reports, a creepy sex offering of young girls to Suzuki’s private hotel. Cue uncomfortable mental images.

If it’s not clear already, Ezra isn’t trying to report a story. He’s trying to embarrass David Suzuki, a longtime target of Sun News. On behalf of the Paul McLeod wing of the Media Party, colour us shocked.

3 thoughts on “Ezra and Me

  1. This is a Karl Rove move. Take a man’s strong points and flip it up side down with inuendo and repetition. The best example was a Republican who was competing with Bush. Rove let it me known the guy had spend time with youth as a boy scout. It was all in the delivey what was said what was left out and knowing were some peoples thinking will extrapolate that. Rove created a myth the man was a petophile. Like a Pyscopath Rove did not care that he destroyed an innocent man’s reputation. Confirms my reasoning that conservatives and psychopaths attract. Psychopaths tend to be repeled by liberals.

  2. This is typical of Levant and his “reporting”. What’s most maddening is that it seems more and more reasonably intelligent people are beginning to fall for Levant’s misinformation because he plays on people’s biases. That’s the one thing that I will say he’s good at. This was especially evident during his almost non-stop coverage of the Idle No More movement. He knew there were Canadians out there, both left and right, that had certain prejudices against the First Nations and he completely ran with it. We need more people calling Ezra out on his bullshit.

  3. The funny thing is, what was organized in the “penthouse” (you’re right, it does refer to the top floor of the new Science building) was a fundraiser. There was a $500/plate reception, supper and speech to raise money for both the college’s and Suzuki’s foundations (I somehow doubt that Levant opposes private donations to public education institutions — in fact, a private donor paid Suzuki’s $30k speakers fee!). The Dean’s comments are really that meeting with students should take priority over donors!

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