Maritime Union Roundup

The idea is merging Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island into one province (sorry Newfoundland) is once again in the public sphere. This time it’s being proposed by three Conservative senators. For those who haven’t been following the Chronicle Herald’s coverage, here’s all you need to know:

Here is my original story on the proposal and NS Premier Darrell Dexter’s dismissal of it.

Here is my story on Senator Stephen Greene’s speech where he lays out the case for a merger. Or you can read his full speech here.

People have weighed in for and against the idea. Herald columnist Bill Black lays out how voters could achieve a Maritime Union.

Buuuut then there’s the small issue that the large majority of Atlantic Canadians oppose the idea, according to a new poll.

Finally, check out this very cool map of an actual Maritime Union back in 1783 when New Brunswick was still considered part of Nova Scotia, via the Nova Scotia Archives. For more fun historical stuff like this I highly recommend following the archives on twitter at @NS_Archives.


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